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Jacer, Health Industry Consultancy.

Prepared for new markets for your Health & Natural Personal Care products?
How is the regulatory environment, competition?
What’s required to be in compliance with the regulations?
Which market gives the best entrance to the region.....

many questions arise considering export but Jacer can help  you finding the information and answers necessary for you taking the decisions, and we do it in a practical and operational way.

Jacer is a Business Consultancy specialised within the international Health Industry offering technical, regulatory & commercial services.
Our services are organised in 2 business areas

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Ÿ  In- and Outsourcing
Ÿ  Business & Market Analysis
Ÿ  Partner searching
Ÿ  Export Management
Ÿ  ..........................

Ÿ  Safety assessment
Ÿ  Product Information File
Ÿ  Notification to the Authority
Ÿ  Responsible person
Ÿ  ..........................




Who is Jacer

Jacer is a Health Industry Consultancy based in Copenhagen.
Jacer’s focus is on delivering timely and accurate services,operating with a network of highly educated and experienced independent specialists and consultants with special competences from the pharmaceutical and health industry, cosmetic, food supplements and herbal products.


                Vodroffsvej 12 3.tv
                DK-1900 F.C.
                Tel +45 2970 2600
                att. Erik Jacobsen

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